A World Premiere play by Sam Graber
Directed by Anneliese StuhtDetainee Promo

DETAINEE is a play about a decision — whether or not to torture a US citizen. Lindsey is a college professor who drives a mini-van and lives in a suburban house. She’s a mother and a wife. She also has everyday problems, mostly stemming from the strained relationship with her teenage daughter. Outside of home, Lindsey has another problem. The United States is reeling from a string of domestic bomb threats which disrupt daily life. But when the threats turn real, and the first bomb explodes, Lindsey is asked to return to her former identity. And ultimately Lindsey must choose between allegiance to country and the sanctity of her home.


R. Krueger
T. Rada
R. Romsaas
A. Tonsfeldt
R. Wilson

Director: A. Stuht
Stage Manager: E. DeYoung
Costume Designer: K. Weiss
Set Designer: M. Kelley
Lighting Designer: T. Stoeri

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