Everything’s Free!

Everythings Freeby Sam Graber, directed by Anneliese Stuht

Previews: April 21 -May 7, 2016

Everything’s Free! follows a young couple facing financial ruin. They receive a strange and mysterious offer: a credit card which can be used anywhere, for any amount, and doesn’t require any payment. We follow Tyler and Mackenzie as they navigate the joys and consequences of spending like they will never get the bill. Some Conditions Apply…what would you do?

Where: SPACE – 550 Vandalia Street, Suite 306, Saint Paul, MN

Jacob Rivet – Tyler
Tynelle Marschall – Mackenzie
Anna Sutheim – Eula
Corey DiNardo – Clutch
Eric Balcerzak – Doctor

Production Team:
Director: Anneliese Stuht
Stage Manager: Ellen DeYoung
Costume Designer: Krista Weiss
Set Designer: Meagan Kedrowski
Projection/Light/Sound Designer: Ben Harvey
Photographer: Jake Pomeroy
Producer: Andrea Tonsfeldt