By William Shakespeare

Macbeth Poster - Macbeth, Blood will have Blood written in blood. A hand with gold paint running down the fingers and hands grasping the gold hand

Directed by Penelope Parsons-Lord


There is no good or evil, only human desire and where that leads us.  What would you be willing to do to achieve your dreams? Mission Theatre Company will explore these themes in a physically bold and verbally daring production of Macbeth, May 15th through 24th at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage. With drumming, dancing, singing and a whole lot of fighting, this isn’t your grandparents’ Shakespeare! If you are looking to understand the Bard’s text, this is a production you won’t want to miss.

Minneapolis Theatre Garage – 711 W. Franklin St. – Uptown Minneapolis.

Performances: May 2014


Macbeth: Michael Kelley
Lady Macbeth: Amy Vickroy
Seyton/Gentlewoman/Porter: Ashley Hovell
Duncan: Aaron Ruder
Banquo: Craig Fernholz
Weird Sisters: Abby DeSanto, Anneliese Stuht, Andrea Rose Tonsfeldt
Malcom: Maria Signorelli
Donalbain/Singing Captain: Amanda Johnson
Ross/Murderer: Eric Larson
Lennox/Macduff Child: Derek Dirlam
Macduff: Meagan Kedrowski
Lord Macduff/Fleance: Matt Ouren
Young Siward/Macduff Child: Jess Smith


Director/Costume Designer: Penelope Parsons-Lord
Choreographer: Nora Brand
Stage Manager: Ellen DeYoung
Set Designer/Fight Choreographer: Michael Kelley
Lighting Designer: Tony Stoeri
Sound Designer: Joe Gamble | Enemy Planes
Hair & Make-up Designer: Andrea Tonsfeldt
ASM: Andrew Turbiville
Lighting Intern: Jake Pomeroy
Costume Intern: Krista Weiss
Fight Assistant: Jess Smith