Violent Delights

Created by Penelope Parsons-Lord
These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends - hand holding a large amount of red ribbon flowing down to the ground

“Through some of Shakespeare’s most famous works, and unsettling renditions of old songs, we confront and grapple with the psyches that populate the nexus of passion, violence, humour and play.”– Sydney Fringe Festival 

This exploration of sinister delights comes to life through Shakespearean text and French clowning in Penelope Parsons-Lord’s Violent Delights.  Eight actors take audiences on a roller coaster ride of emotions exploring pleasure and pain through some of the Bard’s most well know works. Audiences have been swept away by the delightfulness of Shakespeare’s words and the racy, exciting intent behind them.

Violent Delights was be performed through out the Twin Cities as ‘pop-up’ performances between May 17-31.

Performances: May 2014


Penelope Parsons-Lord
Michael Kelley
Rachel Linder
Aaron Ruder
Amanda Johnson
Matt Ouren
Amy Vickroy
Avi Aharoni